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Question & Answers - Consultys Company

At Consultys we want to make it easy for you to find all information about us, which is why we have listed here the most commonly
asked questions we receive regulary about our company.

What makes Consultys different? . . .

Our six main values are the following: Teamwork, Client Focus, Innovation for value, WOW Through Service, Fun/Humor and Simplify.
These are core to how we want to behave as individuals, and collectively as an team. They define fundamental attributes for guiding decisions and actions leading to increased client satisfaction and business performance.

What do you mean by „Turn-Key“ Solutions? . . .

Consultys offers an array of "added-value" tools and solutions for organizations of all sizes, from small start-ups to global companies with thousands of employees.
Our solutions reduces cost of QA / compliance teams and increases the efficiency in projects and/or company operations. Consultys turn-key solutions allow our clients to benefit directly from the combination of our deep industry knowledge in combination with our value driven thinking.

What is the typical size of Consultys clients? . . .

Consultys offers it`s compliance services, tools and solutions for LifeScience organizations of all sizes, from small start-ups, spin-offs (ETH, EPFL, …) to mid-size (KMU) and global companies with thousands of employees.

In which countries Consultys is offering it`s services? . . .

We offering our compliance services for LifeScience clients mainly in Switzerland, Germany, France and Belgium, locally.
In addition we are offering our Medical Device clients dedicated services in Product Certification and Mock-Inspections for the US market (FDA).

How much time do you spend on-site with your clients? . . .

The ratio of on-site and off-site work with our clients varies on each project. Usually the general ratio is 60-80% of on- and 20-40% off- site work.

Is Consultys a headhunter / agency company? . . .

No, Consultys is neither headhunter nor a job agency. We are providing our clients local, operational, compliances services within an integrated team-approach. Consultys always owns the direct relationships to the responsible line manager(s) within the organization.

Where can you learn about opportunities with us? . . .

You can find all our vacant positions on our Prismond career section. When opting for the career website you are able to all open positions.

I'm looking for work experience/traineeships/internships/postdoctoral positions at Prismond? . . .

All our vacancies for work experience, internships, opportunities for thesis students or postdoctoral opportunities - in addition to our other open positions - are published on our website. When searching for these positions select Entry Level from the Job Level dropdown.

If there are no positions available we strongly recommend you to register in our Consultys Talent pool. The registration should take you around 5-10 minutes. Thereafter, you will have the option to receive all new opportunities within Consultys which match your interest. This is the ideal way to be informed on new opportunities at Prismond.


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